StayOm 4 month Home Program




Stay Om is an ALL WOMAN community, where we not only offer full length follow along workout videos you can do at home or at the gym, but also other amazing classes with other talented plant-based teachers!


This program will give you lifetime access to more than 200 classes :

+workout videos

+twerk and other dance technics

+guided meditation

+yoga practices

+vegan cooking recipes

+mindset coaching 

+art class

+self-care activities 

and so much more


You'll also have the support of a growing community of women all in a journey of self-love and health that will keep you motivated and accountable. 


Besides the 4 month training program, you'll have access to our OM FOODS recipe guide with more than 30+ vegan meals, tons of information about nutrition and phases (shred/maintenance/bulk), instructional videos on how to follow your macros and how to track them easily on myfitness pal.

We will help you build a healthy relationship with food and make exercise part of your daily routine, to reach your own personal goals!!

You can always reach out to us on the comments on each video, read other fellow members and interact with them or send us a dm for any specific or private matter. We are here for you ever step of the way!!

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life, learn new skills, thrive on a vegan diet and do it all in the comfort of your home?! SO LETS GET STARTED


Click in the link to buy your plan, send us a screenshot via dm on omtwiinslive and see you in class!!!

StayOm 4 month Home Program

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    ** Consult your doctor if you have any problem exercising before starting the program.

    *** When buying this challenge; You understand that as any other physical activity there is a risk of injury, so the user / client takes full responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur when performing the program / training, therefor releasing Om Twiins from charge and any responsability.